Our Experience

MIDELEC Power Plant, Alexandria, Egypt

Conceptual layout of a 160 MW power plant for FlowWaste GmbH, Germany.

Green Community, Dubai, UAE

Conceptual desing of 15 MW power
and 45 kTR solar assisted cooling plant
for NEVAG, Germany.

DULSCO Village, Dubai, UAE

Layout and supervision of pressurised solar water heating systems for 3,500 labours.

Solar Power & Air-conditioning, UAE

Conceptual design for 1.2 MW CSP &
2.3 kTR cooling on 30,000 mē roof.

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Solar Air-conditioning Pilots:
Client's Engineer, conceptual & basic design for Solar Absorption Cooling Systems.

Solar Desalination of Hyper Saline Water:   Project Associate, conceptual design for Solar MED and Solar Membrane Distil­lation Plant

Product Improvement

Integrated Storage Collector

- 17% higher performance
- 11% increased storage capacity

Parabolic Trough Collector

- higher performance
- higher operating temperature
- direct steam generation
- operatinion at high wind speed

Solar Air-conditioning

- higher cooling performance per mē
- energy storage for 24 hours operation
- lower investment compared to PV

Solar Field Drain

- automatic water discharge without pumps
- patent application

Safe Hot Pressurised Water

- safe overheating pressure release
- patent application


Solar Water Heaters

- showering water at 34° to 36° C
- hot water at 60° to 80° C

Fresh Water Cooler

- keeping showering water at 34° C
- 15% running costs of a chiller

Evaporation Cooler for Swimming Pools

- 15% running costs of chiller

Cascade Cooling System

- saving 70% of annual running costs

Chillers for process cooling

- independed chiller and cilled cycle
- protection of chiller
- safe and reliable operation
- very high life expectancy