Solar Air-conditioning

How It Works

Parabolic Trough Collectors are con­centrating solar radiation to achieve 230 C steam temperat­ure.  A heat accumulator is charged and pro­vides the Absorption Chiller with steam 24 hours per day for a con­tinuous air-conditioning.


A solar-assisted air-conditioning sys­tem was installed in year 2000 in Dubai and operated successfully for three years. The solar field is still operating and is providing the hot water for the apartment hotel.

Solar Air-conditioning System

Parabolic Trough Collectors are tracking the sun to achieve a highly concentrated solar radiation.  The Absorber Tube in the focus converts the radiation into heat.

The Heat Accumulator is a vessel, which is filled with pressurised water at the boiling point.  Steam is gen­er­ated when the system pressure is reduced.

Absorption Chillers convert heat into chilled water, reducing the electricity consumption by 95%.  An auxiliary burner backs the Absorption Chiller when solar heat is insufficient, e.g. during cloudy weather or sandstorm.

The system can be installed on the roof in order to provide chilled wa­ter to the building and can be com­bined with compression chillers in case the roof space is insufficient.

The operating and maintenance costs are very low as the sun provides energy free of charge.  The system will operate for many years due to the extended life expectancy of the components.

The installation amortises faster in case a steam turbine is installed, which utilises surplus energy during the Winter season.

Technical Data

Ruths storage heat accumulator

Heat storage

Absorption Chiller steam and direct fired


Steam turbine


starting from 40 TR


gas or fuel oil


up to 4 tons per
TR and year

CO2 savings

A solar share of more than 90% can be achieved in United Arab Emir­ates.

We are offering accurate planning and simulation of the yearly solar performance to re­duce the invest­ment in the solar air-conditioning sys­tem and to minimize the re­quired backup.