Our Innovation

Integrated Storage Collector

The patented collector design has been improved and we are producing the In­teg­rated Storage Collector ac­cord­ing to highest ma­ter­i­al and quality stand­ards.
The shape of the reflector has been op­tim­ised to achieve the maximum per­form­ance.  The housing is made of a heat resistant UV-protected poly­ureth­ane foam sandwich, which keeps the heat during the night to provide hot water 24 hours a day. 

Fašade Storage Collector

The technology of the Integrated Storage Collector has been modified to achieve the integration of a solar water heater in ver­tic­al building fašades.   The shape of the re­flect­or has been optimised for maximum per­form­ance throughout the year.   Hot water is stored inside the Fašade Storage Collector and supplied on demand.   The piping works in high rise buildings is sim­pli­fied as distances are short and pressure dif­fer­ences are avoided, if the hot water is sup­plied on the same storey.

Parabolic Trough Collector

We have developed and patented a pro­gress­ive design of the Parabolic Trough Col­lect­or and the Absorber Tube, which achieve a higher efficiency and per­form­ance.

The reflector shell consists of a lighweight monocoque construction, which has max­im­um stffness and the Absorber Tube has an enlarged optical length for a higher per­form­ance.   The solar track­ing of the Para­bol­ic Trough Collector is fully auto­mat­ic to capture the radiation provided by the sun.

Fresh Water / Pool Water Cooler

The Fresh Water / Pool Water Cooler has been optimised for operation close to the wet bulb tem­per­at­ure.   Freshwater and swimming pools are kept on a comfortable level at significantly reduced cooling costs.

Cascade Cooling System

The cascade cooling system is minimising the annual cooling charges for cooling of industrial processes.

Solar Air-conditioning

A progressive steam cycle comprising a Heat Accumulator has been designed to operate the solar air-conditioning system 24 hours a day.   The solar field is charging the Heat Accumulator to supply the Ab­sorp­tion Chiller after sunset.

Solar Seawater Desalination

A solar field with Heat Accumulator is feed­ing a high efficient seawater distiller 365 days a year.   The high efficiency of all components is reducing the footprint of the plant.

Solar Power Generation

The combination of solar power generation with solar air-conditioning or with solar seawater desalination is highly efficient due to a better utilisation of solar field.