Solar Power Generation

How It Works

Parabolic Trough Collector power plants are the most cost-effective solar power generating systems.

The parabolic shaped mirrors are track­ing the sun to focus the solar ra­di­ation on the Absorber Tube. The con­cen­trated energy generates steam, which is used for ther­mo­dyn­am­ic processes. The heat is either be used for power gen­er­a­tion or for co-generation with cool­ing/freezing or seawater de­sal­in­a­tion.

A heat accumulator is fed for a 24 hour steam supply, which is re­quired for a safe and reliable op­er­a­tion of desalination plants and cool­ing systems.



Parabolic Trough Collector


Technical Data

Molten salt heat accumulator

Heat storage

industrial turbine

Steam turbine

50 MW/kmē


350 tons per day

CO2 savings

We are offering accurate planning and simulation of the yearly solar performance to re­duce the invest­ment in the solar power generation sys­tem.