Our Vision

The Past

The Gulf Region has been pop­u­lated since thousands of years despite extreme climatic con­di­tions.  The people have learned to adapt their living on the hot and extreme humid weather.

Houses were built with insulating double walls made of coral stone, which absorb and release humidity.

Wind tower

Wind towers were ventilating fresh air through the houses and open ponds were cooling the hot air by evaporation cooling.

The cities and dwellings were characterised by narrow streets and houses with small windows.  The buildings are oriented to provide maximum shading in the alleys during the hot day.

The Present

The countires of the Middle East have a very fast economic de­vel­op­ment, which is based on tech­no­lo­gies of the last century.  The air-conditioning systems have a high power consumption and are lim­it­ing the speed of economic growth by restrictions in power generation ca­pa­city.  

Solar Air-conditioning Systems are reducing the operation and main­ten­ance costs for air-conditioning significantly.  The power con­sump­tion is approx. 5% compared to compression chillers and can be supplied either by a photovoltaic system or by a auxiliary power generator, hence the system can be operated independently from the grid.

Fresh water is supplied with high temperatures during the Summer, increasing the thermal load inside the buildings.  A Fresh Water Cooler reduces the fresh water temperature on a refreshing level for very low operating costs.

During Winter the fresh water is too cold for showering. The Integrated Storage Collector supplies hot water 24 hours a day safely and reliable.

The Future

Solar Thermal Power & Desalination Plants will convert deserts into fer­tile land.  The surplus power will be trans­mit­ted to remote locations whilst the de­sal­in­ated water is used locally e.g. for agriculture.

The energy consumption of build­ings will be reduced by sus­tain­able technologies.  Solar Thermal Air-conditioning Systems will cool houses free of charge.  Parabolic Trough Collectors will be installed on flat roofs e.g. industrial build­ings.  The surplus of chilled water will be pumped to the the city centre in order to cool the high rise buildings.

Solar thermal systems have very low life-cycle costs compared to other technologies due to the hign life expectancy and low operation & maintenance costs of the solar thermal components.