Integrated Storage Collector

How It Works

The principle of the Integrated Sto­rage Collector is simple: the UV-protected housing is heat-insulated and covered with an insulating glass panel so the water does not cool down at night.  The interior features a reflector to direct the sun’s rays on­to the water vessel, which heats up.  The hot water is stored until needed, so that you can bath or shower at any time.  No additional devices are needed, the unit re­quires minimal mainten­ance, and it has a practically unli­mited lifetime.

The efficiency and the performance of the Integrated Storage Collector is comparable to the best vacuum-tube collectors and higher compared to the best flat-plate col­lect­ors.  Less roof space is required com­pared to all other solar water heater systems.

The construction and the high ma­teri­al quality prevents de­grad­a­tion of the collector efficiency.  Cal­ci­fic­a­tion and corrosion is prevented and no vacuum is lost.  The per­form­ance of the Integrated Storage Col­lector is controlled by fortnightly clean­ing, which is required during the Winter Season only.


The Integrated Storage Collector is operating very successfully since year 2000 in the United Arab Emira­tes and providing hot water for pri­vate hou­ses, ho­tels, staff ac­com­mod­ations and labour camps.

Integrated Storage Collector

We are offering accurate planning and simulation of the yearly solar performance to re­duce the invest­ment in the solar water heater sys­tem and to minimize the required backup.

Once commissioned the operational service for the Integrated Storage Collectors is limited to cleaning and visu­al inspection.  The solar water heater sys­tems amortises several times over du­ring the enduring ser­vice life of the In­teg­rated Storage Collector.

Technical Data

UV-protected glass fibre polyurethane sandwich


reflection enhanced aluminium mirror


toughened low-iron glazing


duplex steel, solar selective coa­ted,
200 litres capa­city


8 to 11 kWh/day


electricity or gas


2 tons per year

CO2 savings

We are warning for counterfeit products, which do not achieve the per­form­ance and life expectancy of the Integrated Storage Collector.