DULSCO Village

Labour Camp

Dulsco Village is an archetype of new labour camps in U.A.E., which comprises 400 rooms for 4,000 la­bours, a fully equipped gym­nas­i­um, an indoor sports complex with re­cre­ation hall, as well as a cricket, foot­ball and hockey ground.

Solar Water Heater System

The solar water heater system of DULSCO Village is de­signed as a pressurised system to sup­ply 105,000 litres of showering wa­ter on every sunny day.   The designated position of the In­teg­rated Stor­age Col­lect­ors was re-aranged and the orientation was optimised to achieve the maximum per­form­ance from solar radi­a­tion. 


The solar water heater system is operating wihtout electricity, which could fail, has no valve, which could clog and requires min­i­mum main­ten­ance.   The hot water is circulated by gravity forces and flowing without pump from the In­teg­rated Stor­age Col­lect­ors to the hot water storage tank.

Integrated Storage Collectors

Cleaning of the In­teg­rated Stor­age Col­lect­ors is required during the Winter Season only and after rainfall.   During Spring and Autumn the per­form­ance of the In­teg­rated Stor­age Col­lect­ors is controlled by effi­ci­en­cy reduction through soiling of the trans­par­ent cover.

Technical Data

320 mē


713 mē


1,100 to 1,500 kWh/day


105,000 litres

Daily flow rate

34° to 36° C


stainless steel 316, solar selective coa­ted

Collector vessel

54,600 litres

Storage capacity

250 tons per year

CO2 savings

All In­teg­rated Stor­age Col­lect­ors were manufactured in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.