Parabolic Trough Collector

How It Works

The Parabolic Trough Collector is producing steam from solar ra­di­ation, which is used for: heat­ing, cooling , freez­ing, seawater de­sal­in­a­tion and/or power generation.

The pivoted collector shell tracks the sun to achieve a highly concen­trated solar radiation in the para­bolic shaped reflector.  An Absorber Tube is installed in the focus line, which is converting the solar radiation into heat to evap­or­ate the water inside the tube.  The steam is either used directly or can be stored in a Heat Accumulator to provide steam 24 hours a day.

Each Parabolic Trough Collector has an aperture area of 120 to 180 mē, is 1.43 m wide and has a length of 96 to 144 m.  The low specific weight permits roof-top installation to provide solar steam generation in densely built areas.  The steam from the solar field can be used directly as process heat or for air-con­ditioning.


A solar field for solar assisted air-con­di­ti­on­ing is installed since year 2000 in the United Arab Emirates.  The Parabolic Trough Collector and the Absorber Tube has been further developed to achieve a higher per­form­ance.

Parabolic Trough Collector mock-up

The operating and maintenance costs are very low because the sun provides energy free of charge.  The system will operate for many years due to the extended life ex­pect­an­cy of the components.

Technical Data

UV-protected glass fibre plastic


reflection enhanced aluminium mirror


toughened low-iron glazing


carbon steel, solar selective coated with transparent envelope

Absorber tube

up to 32 bar(a), 237° C


560 Wp/mē


30 to 50 t/year

CO2 savings

We are offering accurate planning and simulation of the yearly solar performance to re­duce the invest­ment in the solar steam generator and to minimize the re­quired backup.