Solar Heating & Evaporation Cooling for Swimming Pools

How It Works

A solar field is heating the swim­ming pool water during the Winter Season.  The solar collectors are equipped with a high quality solar-selective absorber surface to achieve good performance during cloudy weather.  The system is resistant to the highly corrosive swimming pool water.

An electric auxiliary heater balances changing climatic conditions and sup­plies the pool safe and reliable with a con­stant temperature when the solar radiation is not sufficient.

Evaporation Cooling for Pools

An evaporation cooling system keeps the pool water on a re­fresh­ing level during the Summer.  The selected equipment for the system is resistant to the corrosive swim­ming pool water.


The Solar Heating and Evaporation Cooling System is operating very successfully since year 2004 in the United Arab Emira­tes and keep­ing swimming pools on a comfortable temperature.

Solar Heating for Pools

The operating and maintenance costs of the solar field are very low as the sun provides energy free of charge.  In addition the cooling costs of the evaporation cooling system are very low compared to com­pres­sion chillers as evaporating water is a very cost effective coolant. 

Both systems have low operation and maintenance costs and are designed for an extended life expectancy.

Technical Data

high quality solar selective coated absorber

Solar Collector

electricity or gas


Evaporation cooling

Cooling System

Layout for 100%
or as a fuel saver


... tons per year

CO2 savings

A solar share of up to 90% can be achieved in United Arab Emir­ates.

We are offering accurate planning and simulation of the yearly solar performance and cooling require­ment to re­duce the invest­ment in the solar heating and evaporation cooling sys­tem for swimming pools and to minimize the re­quired back­up.